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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals Archive' started by atomiclegs, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. atomiclegs New Member

    Your Steam ID64: 76561198044111294

    Have you appealed your SteamRep ban yet? Yes

    URL of your SteamRep appeal:

    Did SteamRep deny your appeal? Yes

    Why was you appeal was denied? Because I admitted to running from a spycrab game, but I did that to be honest with them and because I want to get back to tf2 warehouse asap

    Did you ever sell stolen items to us? No

    What were these items?

    Have you attempted to repay your actions? If I could find the person that reported me for spycrab scamming I would repay them twice what I was supposed to pay them. But I don't know who I ran from so I cannot repay them.

    Other comments My steam rep is clean other than spycrab scamming out of frustration and anger. Other people scam me and I admit that I crossed the line. However, I will swear on my ancestors grave that I will never spycrab scam EVER again. I really love tf2 warehouse and I would love to use it. I would do sooooo much to get back on tf2 warehouse. I could even donate like 3 keys to you guys for free. If you expect anything from me or want me to do anything that could get me back on tf2 warehouse PLEASE tell me.

    What type of result are you looking for?: Full pardon
  2. atomiclegs New Member

  3. BrokenWolf Member

    Sorry for posting here but, on your reply, you admitted to running from multiple spycrabs. "But I only ran from spycrab games like... twice or three times and that was because countless amounts of people run from me when I win.".

    Spycrabbing is just like gambling. I think someone else said this before but if you lost at a Casino and tried to grab your money off the Craps table (or whatever game) and run because you lost, you would be arrested then 86'd from that Casino and most likely all others in that area. 86'd means you would never be allowed back in to that establishment.
  4. atomiclegs New Member

    But It's not like a casino, there has been at least 5 people that ran from me when I beat them in a spycrab game and I could do nothing. People always run from me and in my anger I ran like, twice. And spycrabbing is based on an honour system too. But in this case (if it really were like a casino) I would be banned from spycrabbing, but that's impossible unless someone could disable my spycrab taunt or something like that. I almost never run from spycrab games (only twice). And it was never a habbit. I just want to use tf2 warehouse. I'd do anything.
  5. BrokenWolf Member

    Casinos' use a shared database that keep track of undesirable people and have then escorted off the premises when they are recgonized. For TF2 we have SteamRep. Other than the WH aren't there TF2 servers you can not access/join? Seems pretty similar doesn't it? That is where the banning comes from.

    If others had ran from Spycrabs then they should have been reported as well. If it did not happen then you only have yourself to blame for not reporting them.

    To me your comments about donating keys for free or to"do anything" is way too close to bribery IMHO. It has the sound of "if you could look the other way on this I can make it worth your time". Not a good thing when you are trying to make a case of changing your ways.
  6. atomiclegs New Member

    Guys c'mon I love this site and It's makes tf2 and trade so much more fun. I just want to use this site. The reason I said I'd do anything is because I just really want to get back on tf2 warehouse. And I'm honest with you guys, that's why I admitted to running but that's because I want to be as honest as possible, please I'm not a liar or a crazy scamming ass who scams for a living. I only scammed twice and aside from that I'm totally clean. I swear on my grandfathers grave that I will never EVER scam again or even do any other questionable things. Please have mercy on my account.

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