Can't sign into TF2WH or Outpost

Discussion in 'Talk Archive' started by Michael swann, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. Michael swann New Member

    It keeps telling me it could not connect to host. I've restarted steam and my computer but it's still giving me this error. Anyone know the problem?
  2. Xeetos New Member

    Same problem here. I can't login on tf2wh and can't logout from steam and tf2outpost.
    Probably it's a problem with steam authentication system.
  3. Michael swann New Member

  4. triddin Administrator

    Looks like the Steam OpenID provider is having problems at the moment.
  5. Reverend Cabe Member

    Looks like steamcommunity just took a dump too - it's not even responding to ping. I bet their admins are having a TON of fun right now...
  6. Betelgeuse Well-Known Member

    There is an overall problem with the API. Please remain calm as Steam investigates into the issue.
  7. Trunk Active Member

    Gaben sat on the servers
  8. Air New Member

    The issue seems to be resolved, i can use tf2 trading post now. A good time for tf2wh and tf2outpost to go down for other reasons. ;)
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