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Discussion in 'Talk Archive' started by CountMcCloud, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. CountMcCloud New Member I'm having trouble logging in through my laptop(incorrect login) while entering the correct pass/user,but for whatever reason i can login through my iphone with the same pass/user.No I didn't enter a diffrent password nor username.There's 40k worth of points so I if i can't have my account back I would like to atleast cash out with a genuine original.Any suggestions?
  2. PsychoTink Moderator

    You log in through steam. If you can't log in then that's a steam side issue, and you'd have to contact them. You could try going to a steam page on it's own in your browser and logging in, then when you do the log in page in the wh your browser will already be logged in, and you won't have to put the info in again.
  3. CountMcCloud New Member

    I already tryed to login to normal steam through my browser,if it would have worked we would not be having this conversation.I can change my password and settings but changing passwords doesent seem to work.As for the contacting steam thing,how can I even do that?I never done anything like that before(thanks for quick reply).
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  5. CountMcCloud New Member

    Indeed I do,Il try this later.Thanks
  6. mErrycatch22 Active Member

    Indeed I do, I will try this later, and thank you.

    Correct your grammar. At least try.
  7. Cheese Wheel That guy who makes charts

    Try typing your password into a Notepad window. Verify that it is typed correctly, then copy and paste it into the password field in the browser. Most likely you are typing it incorrectly, have caps lock on, or are using a different keyboard layout that is resulting in characters you don't expect.
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