Items bought from the store are now craftable !

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ◕‿‿◕ ViRaGisTe ®, Nov 29, 2012.

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  1. What impact on the metal/key market ?
  2. CaioXG002 Well-Known Member

    The economy can be destroyed. Why, that's a pretty small impact.
  3. Hoothoot Member

    So first you can basically have unlimited accounts for metal farming.
    Now you can make hats out of bought hats.

    Not pay to win, but it enforces even more that you can pay to make lots of dough in the economy. At least no one will notice if you bought a hat now... I think.
  4. Deethz New Member

    i feel sorry for the creators :( they just lost like 3000 USD just with the scarfs
  5. Vercetti New Member

    What will happen with Merc Pride scarf? Since WH paid 20 keys each and is overstocked at 113.
  6. One Cool Cat Active Member

    I guess this explains the 100+ clean Merc's Pride Scarves in the WH now.
  7. gambler Active Member

    After releasing the premium gift, boosting the drops of craftable hats and miscs, it was just obvious. Anyway all craftable hats costs 1.33 refined in the black market, which is around 0,65 usd. Valve will only win.
  8. That One Guy New Member

  9. WhatSecretProject New Member

  10. They had helped inflate metal, now they help inflate hats.
    I can imagine the influx of starter hats...

    But it's a logical step anyways. I wonder why they didnt do it long before.

    PS> I'm afraid it will lower prices of many wanted items like Kringle, All-Father, FL and LB.
    Effectively killing crafting.
  11. TheToenninga New Member

    Great, now everything that would've been worth buying and trading to the bots is overstocked as hell.
    Didn't act fast enough...
    Greedy asses everywhere.
    (No offense to you guys.)
  12. mErrycatch22 Active Member

    Valve will gain a windfall of money of people buying scarves and boots to scam with, and the warehouse gives out several million credits. What will happen next?
  13. Leonhard Euler Active Member

    Now will the uncraftable items become a sought-after rarity?
  14. TheToenninga New Member

    Exactly, now there are hundreds of users who have several million credits they can sell via WHX...
    Not to forget, they could and can get all those rare items like the burnt diary and other stuff with ease. How am I (and other people of course) supposed to earn enough credits for a genuine Archimedes or a Robo-Sandvich now?
    Buying them? Hell no, those asses
    (I know, it's not really their fault and I would've done the same, although I would've bought like 3 rare items and nothing more, but come on, buying stuff to get a shitton of credits is just lame)
    don't deserve my cash.
  15. gambler Active Member

    They'll always be dirty. Dirty = less valuable.
  16. mErrycatch22 Active Member

    According to, some dirty items are already more valuable than clean ones, like a sharpened volcano fragment.
  17. Leonhard Euler Active Member

    "Dirty" is a contrived word.
    Uncraftableness is now technically not much different than Vintage, or similar no-longer-attainable attributes.

    But yeah, the negative connotation will probably remain. loleconomics
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  18. mErrycatch22 Active Member

    sorry, meant uncraftable
  19. Mrs TS Member

    Ok, so a few chessy profiteers did exploit a way to screw over the warehouse. But, I would like to think that the profit margin built in could absorb a hit like least I hope so.
  20. gambler Active Member

    They sold the new craftable soccer items for 18-26 keys each. I wouldn't call it exploit. The warehouse just didn't respond to the patch changes.
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  21. mErrycatch22 Active Member

    assuming that each item gave away 200,000 credits per ball kicking boots/merc's pride scarf, and there are 240 of them total in stock, then the warehouse gave away 48 million credits practically free. Never mind about several million.
  22. Mrs TS Member

    Gambler....poor choice of words on my part, but you know what I meant. The ones that did it clearly knew what they were doing.
    The only way the warehouse could respond quick enough to situations like this, would be to shut down every time Valve patched the game. And the whiners would want to riot because they couldn't work the system to their benefit.
  23. Cheese Wheel That guy who makes charts

    I'm not sure what math you're using to come up with that statement, because it's patently false. Craftable Vita-Saw is only worth 0.5 - 1 scrap. Uncraftable is almost a key.
  24. RedMage Moderator

    Uncraftable vitasaw/volcano fragments were only obtainable by random chance after buying $20+ worth of mann co store items at once, and prior to the introduction of mann co packages. Hence they are quite pricey compared to other uncraftable weapons.

  25. Cheese Wheel That guy who makes charts

    In other news, Valve announces that idling time restrictions are lifted and the drop rate has doubled. Also, genuine promos are added to the list of items that drop.
  26. inflation of metal ad craft hats.Keys will skyrock ... correct me if Im wrong

    idle time lifted .. what is that exactly ?
  27. Truckilles Member

  28. Cheese Wheel That guy who makes charts

    Some people call it humor.
  29. gambler Active Member

    Due to rarity, there's only a few available. Still the majority of collectors refuse to pay the price traders ask. The rest aren't rare. Dumb are you.
  30. Cheese Wheel That guy who makes charts

    The rest may not be rare, but I wasn't talking about the rest -- I was talking about the few that are in fact more valuable than their clean versions. Even if the uncraftable Vita-Saw only sold for 1 rec, it would still be more valuable than a craftable Vita-Saw, which is still enough to make your statement false.
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  31. gambler Active Member

    Yeah like I don't know about the vita-saws and some other uncraftable items. The moment I posted that I knew someone pretending to be a smartass would post about vita-saw.

    There are more uncraftables that are more expensive than the clean ones. Still my statement isn't false because it applies to 99% of items.
  32. Wallachia Medic of Steel

    Wait, wait.

    So I can be just derping around in a random server and suddenly I can find a Genuine Sharp Dresser?

    What's next, craftable stranges?
  33. Æsirson New Member

    Yes, also bills and buds are now craftable.
  34. Leonhard Euler Active Member

    TF2 Item Schema Update for November 30, 2012:
    • Unusual hats are now only tradable with gift wrap
    • Added crafting recipe allowing crafting two unusual hats to produce a random unusual hat
    • Random paints can now be crafted with two scrap
    • Hat crafting recipe now requires two refined metal instead of three
    • All craft numbers now appear in-game (instead of just #100 and below)
    • Dropped cosmetics now have 40% chance of being in Genuine quality
    • Dropped weapons now have 40% chance of being in Strange quality
    • Added Bill's Hat, Earbuds, and Max's Severed Head to the item drop list
    • Each trade performed now incurs a $0.50 charge on your Steam wallet
  35. TheToenninga New Member

    No, you'll find a crate full of sarcasm instead.
    Old news for you: Strange weapons ARE craftable with other weapons.
    I could craft a strange Scotsman's Skullcutter (bad uncrate) with another Demoman weapon and got scrap metal some weeks ago.

    Confetti only *Robin troll face*
    Why do I want this?
    No, that'd make things too easy.
    I don't like or take any craftnumbered stuff anyway, so whatever.
    Make it happen, nao!
    Meh. Feels like opening a crate every now and then...
    ROOOOBIIIIIIIIIN!!!!!! *shakes fist*
  36. Wallachia Medic of Steel

    If you weren't busy trying to be funny your brain wouldn`t use the available space, and you would understand my question.

    I asked: " What is next, craftable stranges?"

    Let me translate it for dumb people:

    "What is next, people able to make their own stranges?".

    There you go. Try thinking next time.
  37. PsychoTink Moderator

    Actually, any logical person would have went to the same conclusion he did. "Craftable stranges" mean they can be crafted together. A craftable item means it can be used in crafting. A crafted item means it was crafted. What you should have said was "What's next, crafting stranges?" Then you couldn't complain. As is, your statement was pretty vague.
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  38. Wallachia Medic of Steel

    So then I did think in portuguese instead of english.

    Thank you for the explanation.
  39. Cheese Wheel That guy who makes charts

    You didn't say that it applies to 99% of items. You said "Dirty = less valuable." You did not say "most of the time, dirty = less valuable." The context in which you made your statement makes it clear that you meant 100% of the time:
    What you are implying here is that even if uncraftable items become rarer than their craftable versions, they will always be less valuable. That is demonstrably false.
  40. gambler Active Member

    Their stock is already high enough for a very low demand.
  41. Wolfbane Active Member

    I'm 99% sure you're joking but... dear Great Cheese Wheel! Why must you torture us in this way!?
  42. mErrycatch22 Active Member

    Cheese does taste good, it's not torture.
  43. Wolfbane Active Member

    You don't get my joke..... go glace at Sera for like two seconds.
  44. mErrycatch22 Active Member

    Glace, as in some ice cream product?
    I don't get this new joke either.
  45. PsychoTink Moderator

  46. Cheese Wheel That guy who makes charts

  47. Wolfbane Active Member

    Wow, I think this defines you as a:
  48. PsychoTink Moderator

    Dude. I wasn't correcting the misspelling. I was being a smart ass and clarifying the remark for the guy I quoted who didn't get it because of the missing n. I thought that was obvious, guess not.
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  49. mErrycatch22 Active Member

    I understood he meant glance in the first place. I guess next time I'll just rate a "bad spelling"
  50. Cheese Wheel That guy who makes charts

    Nah, you weren't clarifying anything. You were feeding the troll. :p (Hence the gif.)
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