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Discussion in 'Bug Reports Archive' started by Pawoss, Sep 13, 2012.


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  1. Pawoss New Member


    I try to log-in thru steam in TF2WH but it always keeps saying "Wrong Access Info" (if that's how it's spelt in english). I though it was a ban thing first,so I went to steamrep,but no trade ban and good VAC status. Tried again,same error. I even changed the pass and it still wont let me in.

    1. Go at the "Login thru steam" page 2. Insert account info 3. Press "login" 4. "Wrong access info" :( 5. Be sure to check trade/vac bans at steamrep 6. Retry 7. "Wrong access info" :mad:

    To finally log in tf2wh
  2. PsychoTink Moderator

    Is it the steam page or the wh page that's returning that error message?
  3. PsychoTink Moderator

    Marking invalid. Talked to him in steam, it's a steam side error, when logging into steam directly in a browser, not trying to connect to a site same error.
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