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  1. triddin Administrator

    I'm announcing the BETA test phase of the TF2WHX website.

    We've done a lot of work on it and feel it's ready for public testing at this point. If you're brave, please head over to and give it a go.

    If anything goes wrong, let me know and I'll fix it/you up.

    If you want some free BTC to play around with, jump into IRC and let me know, and I'll put a tiny amount in your account so that you can have a play.
  2. moujave Administrator

  3. triddin Administrator

    After a few hours of operation, it's clear there's some edge cases (and side, middle and front cases) we didn't test for.

    Thanks to all the people who helped test this round, I'll fix the bugs and let you know when it's ready for testing again.
  4. triddin Administrator

    Ok, we're back up for round #2. Have at it.
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