Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this website make a profit?

When you buy and sell on the WH, there is a small difference in the price you pay for an item and the price you can sell it for. That percentage is used to cover price shifts and reimbursements as well as to help cover some of the cost of running the site. Premium users pay a smaller percentage as one of their benefits. In addition, free users see advertisements, while premium users do not.

Can I buy credits from you?

Yes you can. Check out our Credit Purchasing page for details.

Why am I limited in how many items I can sell?

To discourage dishonest users from using the WH to sell their fraudulent items, a tiered system was put in place. This system limits the number of items you can sell in one week and their total value. Meeting the requirements for your current tier will allow you to advance to the next level at the end of the trade week (defined as Thursday to Wednesday, UTC). For more details, see the TF2WH Trust page.

Can I get banned from using the website?

Yes, but you generally won't unless you violate the WH Terms of Use. For most honest users, this will never be an issue, but it's important to understand the process.

We primarily use automated systems to detect potential violations as outlined in the Terms. We also look for the use of methods designed to mask or hide the identity of a user, like anonymous proxies. Our system, upon detection of a violation, will temporarily block suspected violators from trading with us unless they successfully appeal their suspension. If, while attempting to use the site, you see a message that indicates that your trading privileges have been suspended and you do not think you have done anything in violation of the terms of use, it may be a glitch, simply log out and log back in. If that doesn't correct the problem, visit the Ban Appeals forum and read this topic to learn how to begin the appeals process. You may also wish to visit SteamRep to insure that your Steam account is in good standing.

What is a Safeword?

A Safeword is a security feature that lets you tell the difference between real TF2WH bots and fake scammers who are trying to impersonate bots and steal your items. No TF2WH bot will ever ask for your safeword or any other form of identification, but instead will tell you your safe word before every trade. If they do not do so, or provide the wrong safeword, do not trade anything to them.

You can see what your safe word is on every page. For example:

To learn more about safewords, see the Safewords help page.

What is Warehouse Ultimate?

Ultimate is a paid upgrade that gives you faster queues, more and longer item reservations, lower fees, higher upload limits and removes advertising from the pages. It's also a way to support the work we put into keeping this site running.

If you want to find out more or sign up, visit the Warehouse Ultimate page.

Ok, so I tried Ultimate and now I want to cancel!

No problem! Just login to your PayPal account, then simply:

  • Click on the Profile link
  • Click the My money link
  • Find and click the Update link beside the My pre-approved payments line.

On the pre-approved payments page you should see your Ultimate subscription, select it then click the "Cancel" link.

Do you have any tips for successful trading?

Yes we do!

  • Know what you plan to sell and make sure we're currently buying those items before calling for a bot. Check our Backpack page to see your inventory as recorded at the time of your last trade with us. It will also allow you to see what items are overstocked, so you'll know what we aren't buying and how much items will earn you.
  • Be prepared to trade quickly when the bot arrives to avoid timing out. Timing out is when Steam or the bot disconnects you for being idle, in other words, not making the trade quickly enough, which wastes the time of everyone in the queue. One easy way to be prepared is to move the items you intend to trade to the front of your backpack before calling the bot.

Why is there a low success rate on the front page?

When trades start failing due to stress on the Steam network, the success rate will drop. During period of low success and long waits, it may be wise to simply make your trade at another time, if possible.

Why does Steam tell me the bot cancelled the trade?

When Steam trade is having issues, the trade will timeout, and it may tell both sides that the other side cancelled the trade. In reality the bot will not cancel a trade unless it's told by the Steam network that you have cancelled (even though you may not have) or that the trade has timed out (on the Steam side).

Also if you take too long in the trade (90 seconds idle or more than 5 minutes in total) with the bot, it will cancel the trade.

My trade has completed, but I have not received any credits, what now?

You should immediately receive any credits due at the time of a successful trade. If that doesn't happen, please be patient. The WH is constantly updating credit and stock levels while coordinating a fleet of bots and sometimes there can be delays in processing. It's also possible that what appears to be a successful trade never happened, despite Steam reporting that it did. Be sure to check your inventory to see if you still have the items you were trading.

If the trade did occur, but you still haven't received your credits after at least an hour (we would appreciate 6 hours), please complete a credit discrepancy report. We have staff working in US and Australian timezones and aim to help you as quickly as possible, but please allow up to 24 hours for your issue to be resolved. Remember: The more information you supply, the faster your issue is likely to be resolved, so please be as thorough as possible.

Where do I find my inventory history?

If you're asked to take a screenshot of your inventory history, simply go to your Steam client and then navigate to the inventory history page as shown and described below.

To do this when you're logged into your Steam client:

  • Click on the last tab (your name) at the top of the window and select Inventory.
  • At the top-right of the inventory area, click the Inventory history link.

Where is your trade server?

We don't operate one, we feel that it's more important to dedicate our full resources to making your bot-based trading experience as smooth and efficient as possible.

Someone wants items from me and claims to be from the WH.

You will never be approached by any human member of the WH staff to make a trade, we simply don't do it. Anyone who trades or approaches you asking for items while claiming to be connected to the WH outside the list of bots below is a scammer trying to trick you into giving away your items. Remember: A legitimate bot will provide your safeword so treat it as carefully as you would a password, it's your best way to identify an appropriate trading partner.

Who are the Owners and Admins of TF2WH?

The Owners:

The Admins:

What is the company behind TF2WH?

Norganna's AddOns Pty Ltd
is an Australian Company
ABN: 83 124 538 432
DUNS: 755777781

  • USA: (408) 520-2555
  • Australia: (07) 3056 0210
  • International: +61.730560210
Norganna's AddOns Pty Ltd has a wholly owned US subsidiary company, Norganna's USA LLC, which is responsible for billing our US Dollar amounts.

Who are the Bots of TF2WH?

Here are the links to our bots profiles. All of our bot names are in lowercase. Some impersonators use misspellings or capital letters in place of our all-lowercase names to confuse you, our bots will never have a capital letter in their names.

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