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Discussion in 'Talk' started by Appah ♥, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Appah ♥ New Member

    So, I'll kick things off by saying I really hate kicking up a fuss but I'm quite annoyed by this particular matter.

    Long story short I put money onto my tf2wh account to purchase a very specific item expecting to have no issues, unfortunately due to whatever reasons I had to wait over a week to be credited and said one of a kind item is now unlisted on the site, however it still appears to be in a TF2wh bots inventory.

    Basically my question is, if a bot still owns an item but it is unlisted does that mean it has been sold/reserved and is pending collection from the buyer or is there a chance I could still buy said item?

    Usually I wouldn't even care about something like this, however this particular item is, as said before one of a kind (#2 your worst nightmare) and it's a hat I've been chasing for a while now in order to finish off my set and I'll be quite disappointed if it's the case that I was beaten to the purchase because I was forced to sit for 5+ days while it was listed on the site unable to even reserve it until my crediting issue was resolved.

    Anyhow, I would like to give a quick thanks to Atinev for helping me with my crediting issue.
  2. Inconnue Administrateur des Ombres

    All low craft, collector's items and unusuals are consignments, meaning they're owned by another user who sends it to our bot to allow it to be listed for sale, for a small fee. When a consignment expires, the item remains in the bot's inventory until the owner requests it back, or lists it again. That is what is currently happening to the item you want, it is waiting for the owner to decide what they want to do with it. It may reappear on the site, or it may not, we have no way of knowing that.

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