New Another bot added me for the WH impersonation.

Discussion in 'WH Bot Impersonator Reports Archive' started by thehowl5657, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. thehowl5657 New Member

    This whole thing could be a lot bigger than we all thought. wh impersonation.png
  2. Atinev Administrator

    Damn them! :mad: That now make at least 3 different accounts at least working this scam, so stands to reason there could be more. *sigh*

    Thank you for caring and sharing! :)
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  3. thehowl5657 New Member

    No problem, I'll always be glad to help put an end to these bots.
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  4. Atinev Administrator

    I'm presuming you viewed their profile...if you click back in your Steam Menu bar any chance you can identify their Steam Profile URL?
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  5. thehowl5657 New Member

  6. Atinev Administrator

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