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  1. Your Steam ID64: 76561198137891574

    Basically I had a steam rep report opened the last few months regarding a case where I bought 2 hats from a steam user who had a clean steam rep and tf2 outpost rep until a few days AFTER I traded with him.
    He claimed he got the hats from a dota 2 trade and wanted to sell them.
    There was nothing that indicated that he was a scammer. ( clean steam rep and he had games + hours on his acc).

    I have had this report opened since September and I have successfully used tf2 wh from the day the report was made until just today.
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  3. Inconnue Administrateur des Ombres

    As Tink said, it is related to that. You must be the darned unluckiest person in the world, another stolen unusual. Some people would think you were working as a fence for them. Can't really judge that, especially with your private backpack obscuring things. That was all fairly bad, then you decided to try to sell it through us, which, as our front page states, isn't tolerated.

    We're going to be waiting for SteamRep on this one.
  4. Atinev Administrator

    This appeal is being archived due to its age and the fact it doesn't look like SteamRep has cleared you

    Should this ever happen, please feel free to raise a NEW appeal.

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