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  1. Red FrE4k New Member

    This guy wanted to trade with me, ok he seemed like a normal bot, but when i traded him, he said the wrong safeword, then he said nothing till i added a few items, and he said a wrong price for my items, i knew he wasn't a bot
    so i got this bandicam 2015-07-24 15-12-21-035.jpg
  2. Atinev Administrator

    Thank you so much you have just made my day! We identified this guy around the same time he would have been trying to scam you, I added him and he admitted using the avatar and bot name, but denied he had been trying to impersonate the bot! :mad:

    He has been initially reported to Valve for bot impersonation but we're unsure how long it will take for them to action. Currently preparing evidence to have him tagged on SteamRep.

    Great pickup by you, so happy you didn't trade with him. :)

    For anyone else reading this post: Please remember our bots will never send you a friend request unless YOU have initiated it via your WH trade request button. Always keep an eye on your WH chat queue as well as the Steam Trading message box.
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