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Discussion in 'WH Bot Impersonator Reports Archive' started by gotgot, Feb 9, 2016.

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    A guy named Ank showed up on my chat saying that i won a conpetition on the tf2wh group,he put a link and said that I had to choose 5 items from that link. I clicked the link and downloaded it,after that I opened the image,I was suspicious about it so I went to the tf2wh group and there I saw that there were bots posing as tf2wh.I immediately blocked the bot and report it to the steam. After that I deleted the file. I hope that this don't cause me any trouble.
  2. gotgot New Member

  3. Atinev Administrator

    Not meaning to be rude but you must have trusted enough to accept their friend request, and ironically your own account has a private profile! lol

    I'm surprised you took the risk and clicked on the link. You say it opened an image? I'd also be wondering what else it downloaded to your computer at the same time. :eek: *too scary for me*

    Please do not share a link to what you opened, but it would be helpful if you could try to provide a screenshot or .PDF version.
  4. Knucklejoe Active Member

    Run a full virus scan on your computer, if you haven't already. Odds are, you picked up a trojan of some kind. Might be a good idea to change passwords on just about everything as well.
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