Can't reserve Refined Metal

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by [Knights] NeGoTiaToR, Sep 21, 2015.

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  1. Its shown that there are lots of refined in stock, but when i click the reserve button, it shows tat error occurred and no items to reserve.

    Is there any limit for a person being able to trade this much refined metal in a certain period of time????

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  2. Knucklejoe Active Member

    Refined is going out as fast as it is coming in. Limits are based on the trust system, so if someone were at maximum trust, they could easily take 1000 refined if it was there and if they had the credits to pay for it. So, yes, it can and does move very fast.

    The most you can hope for is for the supply of refined to grow and/or the demand to drop. And get lucky when reserving. Very lucky.

  3. I had not faced sch a prob in past 2 months of trading in this site... but now not getting much even whn stock available... so thought it wud b a bug in the site or somthing.... anyway thanks for the info....
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