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Discussion in 'TF2WH News' started by Atinev, Oct 19, 2017.

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  1. Atinev Administrator

    We are experiencing the same issue we had last week with invoices being left in a pending state. It started on 18 October at 20:11UTC. It is now 19 Oct 03:30UTC. So sorry for not picking up this issue earlier. :oops:

    I have reported it to the dev team, and will remain offline until the issue is fixed. No need to raise a post as all trades will be amended and accounts balanced.

    Your patience as always is appreciated.
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  2. Atinev Administrator

    Well we are finally back online! There are a few invoices I need to update manually, may just be a little slow.

    I promise all broken invoices will be fixed :)
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  3. Atinev Administrator

    Well, we've fixed it twice and once again it is broken. The devs have spent several hours troubleshooting and believe it is related to changes made by Valve in the lead up and release of the new update.

    Rest assured they will resolve the issue, in the meantime I have taken us back offline. All invoices will be fixed and credits balanced once resolved.

    Many apologies once again for the trouble and inconvenience this is causing. :(
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  4. Atinev Administrator

    The devs are having difficulties resolving the pending invoices issue. I am still working on fixing them manually, and quite a few of you will already have the problem resolved. If this is the case and you've created a post can you please assist me by closing it.

    I will continue to work on the others manually until such time as the devs sort out what the issue is.

    In the meantime we will remain offline. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. Atinev Administrator

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