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Discussion in 'Discrepancy Archive' started by Dan Sch, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Dan Sch New Member

    Your Steam ID64 76561198049857596

    Invoice ID 5a2355b90d7197c0178b46d2

    The price you expected to get paid 9200

    What happened? I actually LOST credits. I originally had about 360k credits, and with this I hoped to buy a strange festive ambassador (which due to the long process of getting credits affirmed, I was not able to), and then looked and saw I had less credits than before the process went through.

    Items involved Transparent Trousers

    Approx date/time 2017-12-03 01:39:05

    Did you wait the appropriate time before filing this discrepancy? Yes, over 24 hours

    Other comments
    Its a real shame because I have been using your site for years, and now this happens. Im really sorry but if this continues to happen I will find another source to trade on.
  2. Atinev Administrator

    There appears to be some confusion Dan Sch. Your closing balance after your last trade with balefulballoon on 2017-11-25 09:11:51UTC for 138,860 credits was 236,075 credits.

    This means your opening balance on 2017-12-03 when you traded the Transparent Trousers for 9,200 credits to marriedminister was 236,075 credits. The trade was successful and the 9,200 credits was added to your account balance at 05:16:07UTC on the same day, due to a delay in receipt of trade history from Valve.

    This made your new account balance 245,275 credits, and still is at the time of responding to you.

    Without sounding it possible you misread your opening balance as 360k, as that appears to be the only rationale answer I can come up with at this moment in time.

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