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Discussion in 'TF2WH News' started by Atinev, May 13, 2018.

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    Hello we are certain most users and serious traders are aware the tf2 economy has been turned upside down by so many different factors; and we're honest enough to say it is affecting our operations and has been for some time.

    This being the case we have decided to return to the sites original purpose and goal....a site where users can trade their unwanted items to gain WH virtual credits to spend on other traded items. As in one persons 'trash' is another persons 'treasure'!

    As such we will no longer be selling WH virtual credits via Credit / Debit Purchasing as it is not viable due to the small number of members using this service, scammers, chargebacks and payment gateway fees.

    In the weeks ahead we will be updating the WH pages to remove references to credit purchasing and generally update our site information.

    With so many tradeable items in different variants now available, economy manipulation etc we do our best to keep up with what we believe to be true and fair values, for quick turnover and easiest 'sale' and 'purchase' of your items.

    Remember we are not selling for cash to turn a profit, we're genuinely offering a way for you to trade your unwanted items to immediately buy (or build your virtual credits to spend on) something you really want.

    The difference between 'selling' your items to our bots for our prices and consigning items such as Unusuals, Australiums and Low Craft numbers, is you get to set the value of how many WH virtual credits you want to sell it for.

    We do not 'buy' them, we list them on your behalf for free for the value you want and only charge 2.5% of the virtual credits sold for when your item is purchased by another user. You can extend the sale date, change the value and withdraw your item at any time for no cost.

    For more information and to see the items available in your backpack for consignment visit the Consign page in the menu bar on your User pages.

    Last week we had a 'hiccup' with our Forum after a server change and sadly lost all data from 2018, so have taken a step back to December 2017. :oops: We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused anyone. If you had posted anything you really wish to re-share please feel free to do so.

    Thank you for you patience and taking the time to read this.
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