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Discussion in 'TF2WH News' started by Atinev, Oct 26, 2017.

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  1. Atinev Administrator

    As you will see we are back online but still experiencing issues with completion of invoices. The devs believe this is because Valve is blocking us from getting trade history that our system relies upon.

    We have found a temporary work around however instead of the 5 - 10 mins for the invoices to complete and your credit balances to adjust, it will take much longer....ranging from 30 mins to 2 hours.

    It is currently 2017-10-26 05:02:53UTC and all invoices up to 2017-10-26 04:34:32UTC are up to date, and account balances correct for anyone trading prior to then.

    All invoices post 2017-10-26 04:34UTC are still being worked on and every effort will be made to complete them in the 30 mins to 2 hours as indicated (until the devs establish a more permanent solution).

    With this in mind we please ask that you DO NOT raise a Credit Discrepancy and Pending Invoice post or Site Bug report about non-payment or pending invoices for at least 4 hours after your trade.

    All current posts will be closed as they all relate to the same issue which has been resolved (for the older trades).

    Thanks once again for you support and patience. :)
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  2. Atinev Administrator

    Update 2017-11-06 05:23UTC

    We've been working hard to keep up with the invoices and I can confirm that at the time of writing this they are all up to date.

    I will be closing all Credit Discrepancy and Pending Invoices posts as resolved. If you are the creator of one of these posts and believe you still have an issue, please let us know by commenting in your post.
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  3. Atinev Administrator

    Update 2017-12-04 12:00UTC

    All invoices are complete and up to date.
  4. Atinev Administrator

    Update 2017-12-05 14:30UTC

    All invoices are complete and up to date.
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