Invalid Scammed of 2 Items

Discussion in 'WH Bot Impersonator Reports Archive' started by Squidward, Jul 9, 2015.

  1. Squidward New Member

    I spent around 3500 credits to get 2 items. I was never able to complete the trade due to the fact that the scammer didn't accept the email verification, or whatever that is and so I never got my items.
  2. Inconnue Administrateur des Ombres

    Steam verifies that every trade we've ever done with you has completed successfully. Your private backpack, on the other hand, isn't so reassuring. Care to reconsider your story?
  3. Squidward New Member

    Ya sorry, I actually did get the items it just didn't show up for a while. Weird.
  4. PsychoTink Moderator

    Also, this wouldn't be a scam report. A scam report is for a situation where someone pretends to be a wh bot to scam you and take your items. Not for a situation where you are trading with an actual wh bot and you think you were scammed because you didn't get the items or credits. That's not scamming. Scamming means there is no intention of giving you proper credit. If the wh were scamming you there wouldn't be a forum for you to report your problems to be fixed. We had a whole section here on the forums for credit discrepancies where that is handled, that's the proper place to report this if there is a next time.

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