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  1. BadLucKWyvern New Member

    Few years ago, trades was instants, bots were reactive and the fees was credited instantly
    Now, bots are dumbs (unknown item, i close the trade ! // you put things on trade and i say nothing *whistle* i close the time because you took too long...) //, 0 reaction, wasting time and closing the trades for no reasons. (timed out ? lol ?)
    fees are now credited after HOURS

    I just want to know why is that long, why we must try 6 (average) times to succefully end a trade, why now bots are dumb as fuck (sometimes they scramble your inventory when you want to trade, thats very funny too scramble stranges and unique items when you sort em by value)

    warehouse had the best/fastest service near other websites. now its looooong
    will it be fixed ? why its bugged ? is it only happening to me ???
  2. Inconnue Administrateur des Ombres

    Point by point.
    • Unknown items are caused by the recent inventory expansion, items past 2000 aren't read properly. If I had to guess, Valve didn't accommodate for the increase in time required to load that much. We may be able to fix it, but it's a very rare problem at this point. I'm literally the only person prior to you that we know has experienced it.
    • Timeouts are always a Steam issue. When it tells you that the bot has ended the trade, it tells us that you ended it. Steam loves to blame the other party when it is usually their problem. There is no fixing this without switching the site to trade offers. Trade offers hide the problem by allowing the sender to keep sending until it works, but would require reworking the entire system and how items are selected to buy or sell. It would be a nightmare at this point.
    • The credit issue is related to how quickly Steam responds with accurate inventory information. The longer they take, the longer it takes us to confirm that a trade has happened.
    • Most people do not require 6 attempts to trade successfully, unless Steam is having problems.
    • How your inventory appears in a trade is not controlled by the WH, that's Steam, the items would appear in the same order if you viewed them in your Steam inventory directly. They've gotten very slow at updating. It's exactly the same problem as the credit issue.
    TL;DR: Steam trade is a mess right now. This isn't really new, it has been a mess for a long time. We do what we can to work with it, but short of completely changing the site, there isn't much we can do for some of this.
  3. BadLucKWyvern New Member

    My inventory haven't reached 2000 slots yet :/
    does it mean your bots never got changed/adapted since their creation ?
    is everything can be back into order is you remake the entire site/bots ? (im not asking you to do it)
    i can accept the trade as blind when i put all items... i did it once in 2016 and i got scammed by the bot, ive lost 18475 credits, and i never made a Credit Discrepancies because i never knew we could make one
    can i make a Credit Discrepancies even one year later...?

  4. BadLucKWyvern New Member

    here's some screenshots

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  5. Atinev Administrator

    Yes you can lodge a credit discrepancy at any time for review. I must state quite clearly our bots do not "scam", sometimes there are trading data errors or even user confusion. At the end of the day we will always investigate and make things right where necessary.

    To save you time raising a Credit Discrepancy & Pending Invoice post now, I have checked the trade in question, Invoice #57a0e7eb3b7c1d1c088b55cb for 18,475 credits. According to the data received via Steam the trade failed and no items were exchanged. The history shows that you traded at least one of the items from the failed trade - Steam Item ID 4887100977: The Dead Ringer months later in Invoice# 5911ce19148999f62c8b46ae (for which you were paid).

    I would suggest you check your Steam Inventory Trade History for the 18,475 credits trade with beautifulbutterfly
    Date: 2016-08-02 18:35:23UTC. If you do not have a record of it in your Steam Inventory Trade History this should be sufficient evidence for you to accept the trade failed.

    If on the off chance you do find a completed trade with beautifulbutterfly, can you please capture a screenshot of that trade and the ones before and after as evidence, so we can reinvestigate and resolve. Thanks :)
  6. BadLucKWyvern New Member

    i don't see it on my trade history, does it mean that trade hasn't been ended correctly ?
    because i did a research on my trade history (EDIT: by research i mean ctrl + F), i didn't have a single completed trade with beautifulbetterfly, but i didn't traded the rocket operator too, with any of your bots
    i have one rocket operator left in my inventory, i wanted to sell one here because ive unboxed 2 of it.
    im just wondering where is my 2nd rocket operator now :l
    i still can send you a screen shot with both trades between the one ive supposed to have done with B.buterfly, is it necessary ?
  7. Atinev Administrator

    If you can't find a trade with beautifulbutterfly in your Steam trade history it means the trade failed, did not complete and no items were exchanged. This is why you were not paid the 18,475 credits as the items remained in your backpack, under your ownership. A screenshot is not necessary, as the point of the exercise was to provide evidence of a successful trade, which you can't because it failed.

    The Rocket Operator you are referring to from that beautifulbutterfly trade is Steam ID Item #4331860684. It is the one still in your backpack right now, which also supports the beautifulbutterfly trade failed. I can find no evidence of a second one...maybe you traded it elsewhere?

    I'm sorry but there is nothing else we can do to help failed = no credits.
  8. BadLucKWyvern New Member

    do you know any way to track a sigle item ? i need to know the other r.operator ID and track it over the web to know where it is, is that possible ...?

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