New Someone impersonating you guys.

Discussion in 'WH Bot Impersonator Reports Archive' started by Crull001, Feb 6, 2016.

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  2. Atinev Administrator

    Thank you for sharing as this is definitely not a WH representative.

    If you haven't done so already, would you please report them to Steam by clicking on the 'More' button (next to 'Send a Message' on their profile page) and choosing the Report Violation selection in the dropdown list. I would recommend choosing 'Suspected Hijacker or Phishing'. By doing this you may help protect others who are not going to be as alert as you. :(
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  4. Atinev Administrator

    Thank you :) We have done the same and I have also posted a warning in our News section, and about to do the same in our Steam Group.
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  6. Atinev Administrator

    Thank you for caring and sharing! :) Can you please ask your friend to report them to Valve. The more reports Valve get from actual users who were added by the phishing bots, the higher the chance they will get banned.
  7. SuperHellKnight New Member

    Will do.
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    I trade a lot. So I don't know if it is legit or not I have private people add me and actually trade.
  11. PsychoTink Moderator

    Your choice, your trades, but personally I wouldn't do that. Way too many shady people use private accounts and private backpacks to hide the history of stolen or otherwise shadily gained items. And it opens you up to people like this.
  12. Crull001 New Member

    Well if it keeps happening I will keep giving you an updated report.

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