New TF2WH website bug - mistahsinclair - Item not reserving for 1.5 hours

Discussion in 'Site Bug reports' started by mistahsinclair, Nov 15, 2017.

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    When an item is reserved there is a message stating that the item can be retrieved within 1.5 hours. I have noticed items not holding for that long before, but thought I wasn't keeping track of time. I reserved an item today, got the 1.5 hour message then got a phone call. When all was done with the call (a long call) I went back to make the trade...nothing reserved. The item was reserved at about 6:25pm Pacific and I went to retrieve right on 7:40 (a few minutes ago) item reserved. What is the timeout, if it isn't 1.5 hours? Thanks

    1. …Reserve an item
    2. Wait almost 1.5 hours

    Expect the item to be reserved up to 1.5 hours...
  2. Inconnue Administrateur des Ombres

    Interesting. There has been no change to the reservation time, but we'll keep an eye open for any other instances of this problem. I have seen cases where Steam assigned a new item id after the item had arrived and was confirmed, which would cause the system to drop the reservation. Just a guess, certainly not a common problem, let's hope it doesn't become one.
  3. That does actually sound like the problem.

    As I said, I've noticed it before and the new id assignment would cover it.

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