Resolved TF2WH website bug - SerialGamer - trades pending again and negative balance

Discussion in 'Discrepancy Archive' started by SerialGamer, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. SerialGamer New Member

    Steam ID64: 76561198014161909

    if this is a common issue then i'm really sorry, it's been a while since i used tf2wh regularly but this is what i've seen so: yesterday i traded a couple items, confirmed the trades and everything went just fine, trades took about 5 minutes to go from pending to completed, everything until that point was perfect, i logged off for the day and got back in a couple hours ago to see my balance in -1900 points and all the trades i made back in pending status.. it's been a couple hours and nothing has changed, it's still pending, is this normal? should i worry? if this is completely normal i'm so sorry, i just started using tf2wh again

    trading status

    i only expect my balance to go back to normal honestly
  2. Atinev Administrator

  3. Atinev Administrator

    Thank you for your patience. All valid and invalid trades have now been amended. Your current available balance is 4,775 credits.

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