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Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Yanko, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. Yanko New Member

    Hi guys, I noticed I receive some message that the bot needs to confirm the trade by e-mail. And since there's no section where to specify this, I'll do it here - I'm talking about website. So could you please disable these notificaitons on bots' steam profiles?
  2. PsychoTink Moderator

    No. Won't happen. It's a bad idea for anyone to do it, and the wh admins have already said they will not be doing it.
  3. Yanko New Member

    Hi guys,

    Today my suggestion was denied:

    And I was wondering, "Are you kidding me?". You provide service that includes bots and you don't want to disable the e-mail notifications? And you're too worried that someone will hijack them and valve won't recover the items if that happens? These bots are selling weapons, not anything that valuable. So you'd rather show error in the status box on the right? Also not update bot's inventory on the Stock Page for like 1 hour after the trade?
  4. PsychoTink Moderator

    1) Just because it was denied doesn't mean you couldn't post in it again. There was no reason to start a new thread.

    2) Yes, they have opted not to remove the verifications. Partially probably yes to keep the valve protection if anything happens. And it's not just hijacking. If there's an error and items go missing for some steam reason steam won't help you there. They won't help for ANY reason if you turn that off. Even if the reason is their fault. Scrap wh may not be dealing in valuable items like the regular wh is, but it is still dealing in items and still a functioning business. Why would a business turn off any protections? That would be like a warehouse that holds toilet paper only saying "Oh, it's just toilet paper, we don't need any security measures. Who cares if it goes missing, of there's a fire?"

    3) There are the following comments by admins to back up why I said denied on that thread:

    4) I'm merging this post with your original suggestion. Please keep anything related to it there rather than make another new thread as long as the original thread is still open.
  5. Yanko New Member

    Sorry about posting in another section, I thought this topic was locked once denied.

    So do you really believe Valve will assist in recovering items or metal in case there's an error? And how could anything go wrong with items? They can't just disappear, they'll be either in the user's backpack or the bot's backpack. Besides Steam's message is not for errors that occurred during trades, but for stolen items: "Steam Support will also not provide you with any assistance in recovering items that may be stolen from your account, for any reason."

    Yes, scrapwh is still a running business, but you're not willing to develop and improve it. Although it has a huge potential. There are constant errors:
    • If for some reason you log out, you might not be able to login for huge amount of time, like days or week;
    • Stock page not being updated with the current numbers of weapons;
    • Bots being stuck (having the weapons you want, but not adding you or inviting you to trade);
    • Site going offline pretty often.
    These errors occur regularly and you're just temporarily fixing them. And now this - having to wait for the bot to confirm email and not updating the current stock of the bot for 1+ hour. Sure if you don't wanna be one of the major scrapbaking sites, don't do anything about it.
  6. Atinev Administrator

    Thank you for your feedback. :)

    We have taken the stand not to disable Steam trading emails on the scrap bots to ensure consistency in our processes across both sites.

    Please remember is a complimentary (free) service we provide for Community benefit only. While it appears we lack interest in the issues affecting user experience, this is not the case. Put simply our resources have been stretched to the limit with ensuring continues to rise to the challenge of Valve's constant 'improvements'. Unfortunately suffers as a result.

    The good news is...the developers have made some permanent changes to the way the bots communicate during the trading process in the past 12 hours. This will be reflected in the messages you receive in the Chat Queue during your trade.

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