SR Marked/Reported WH Staff Member Impersonator @WąℓkinG <X-II>

Discussion in 'WH Bot Impersonator Reports Archive' started by @WąℓkinG <X-II>, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. Your Steam ID64 76561198060747917

    Invoice ID 76561198060747917

    The price you expected to get paid 1,100,000

    What happened? I created the discussion here because I can not get anywhere else, Continuing, On the subject of my friend's item we're getting 175c, instead of 1,100,000c, we're outraged, and then we give up because there's no other site like WH, so this http : // this guy added us is said he was moderator of WH, And I just wanted to confirm if he was even, Well if it was not there if it was 24keys, we also have this print: https: / / I do not know if it's real or not, but if he is the same moderator I ask a thousand excuses.

    Items involved -

    Approx date/time 24/01/2017 - 14:20

    Did you wait the appropriate time before filing this discrepancy? ...

    Other comments
  2. Atinev Administrator

    As discussed in Steam Chat Marco | Thy God Impersonator is not a WH Administrator or forum Moderator. The image he provided you is definitely very creative. But I assure you we only have myself (Atinev), Inconnue, Shadows, MagmaMonkey & PsychoTink.

    Please report him to Valve as an impersonator and also to SteamRep.

    Once again I am sorry we cannot purchase your item and recommend you use of the other options we discussed.
  3. Atinev Administrator

    Can you please readd the screenshot evidence which appears to have glitched or been removed from Gyazo. Thanks.

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